It’s time to work with a real search engine optimization company. Search engine optimization remains the core service of Adviatech and over the years, we have made it even better.

Search engine optimization is the most cost effective form of online marketing. By utilizing our complete search engine optimization services, your website will be more relevant with a link population that is consistently growing.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

It works. By making your website visible in natural search results, you are opening the door to every user that searches for your related products and services. Adviatech’s proven search engine optimization solutions have been serving industrial, communications, software, ecommerce, and many other industries for five years. Plus, our niche subsidiaries specializing in insurance marketing ( and legal marketing ( are the first choice for insurance agencies and attorneys.

How Search Engine Optimization Works

The 4-Point Analysis

Content plus quality links equals performance. The first step in optimizing your website is our 4-Point Analysis. We look at Google’s search traffic data to see which keyphrases are the most popular and relevant to optimize your website. Often times, search engine optimization companies guess which keyphrases are most relevant, resulting in high ranking websites on terms nobody is using. With Adviatech, you will review the manually generated 4-Point Analysis with your account manager to see which keyphrases will perform best for your company.

Performing On-Site Search Engine Optimization

Once we have a list of keyphrases in hand, it’s time to go into your website and optimize the content. Optimization is simply using your keyphrases in your page title, meta tags, headers, and the actual body of your website. It is important to keep a balance and not have [:ttip=”Keyphrase spam is the process in which you unrealistically use your keywords multiple times. For example, if you are a Boston divorce lawyer and you have sentences that look like this – Use the Boston divorce lawyer, Smith & White, for your Boston divorce. No other Boston divorce lawyer can handle your Boston divorce like experienced Boston divorce lawyer, Smith & White – then you are keyphrase spamming.” id=”unique_id”]keyphrase spam[:/ttip] on your site.

Case Study

Here is an example of an on-site optimization for an insurance agency that specializes in business insurance in the state of Florida.

Original Title: Nusurance – An Agency for Today’s World
Optimized Title: Florida Business Insurance from Nusurance – An Agency for Today’s World

Original Header 1: Get a Quote from Nusurance
Optimized Header 1: Get a Florida Business Insurance Quote

Original First Sentence: We know that coverage is important to your business, which is why so many companies trust Nusurance.
Optimized First Sentence: Florida business insurance agency, Nusurance, is a trusted name in commercial insurance.

Prior to optimizing those elements, Google and the other search engines had no way to see that Nusurance is a Florida business insurance agency. Today, they enjoy a page one ranking on Google.

Navigation Optimization

You may have a lot of noteworthy and relevant content on your website, but if the search engines cannot find it, your content is not working for you. That is why we include a text link menu at the bottom of your website to give Google a textual map of your website’s content. Often times, graphic menu items, menu effects, and flash effects will keep Google from finding your sub pages. The text links at the bottom of your page will allow the Googlebot to clearly navigate your website.

We also setup an HTML sitemap and an XML sitemap to further improve the navigation of your website. Plus, we include a Robots.txt file to tell the search engines which directories you want indexed and which ones you do not.

Link Building

Relevant links to your website are a key part of search engine optimization. A link acts as a quality vote from one website to another. Therefore, the more quality links, the higher you are ranked.

We build links to your website using the following methods:

Social Bookmarks – These allow people to link to your website using their MySpace, Digg, Delicious, and other social website profiles. Learn more about social bookmarks.

Article Writing and Distribution – Our professional writing team writes articles on behalf of your company, and then our distribution team submits those articles to article directories and blogs. The articles contain a link to your website. Learn more about article writing.

Press Release Writing and Distribution – Press releases are written on behalf of your company and then distributed to newswires where your press releases are syndicated. Adviatech works with premium wires such as PRWeb, MarketWire, and Berkshire Hathaway’s Business Wire. Learn more about press release writing.

Social Networks – Social networking is the next step in online marketing’s evolution. Our social networking team can get you connected to businesses around the world while increasing your inbound links. Learn more about social networks.

Blog Marketing – Having a blog on your website keeps your website fresh and encourages other websites to link to yours. Learn more about blog marketing.