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How Citations Help with Local Search Engine Optimization

When many business owners hear the term SEO marketing, the first thing they think about is modifying their company’s website for global optimization through the most popular search engine, Google. Their goal is to obtain the highest ranking in this global search realm so that potential customers know where they are if they wish to [...]

Your Competition uses Search Engine Optimization

Running a company is demanding. You have people depending on you.
In the back of your mind, you keep thinking about growing your business and increasing your marketing effort. You considered advertising options, maybe requested a few quotes, but other things got in the way and you never moved forward.
Some of our clients originally contacted us [...]

Websites Get Wider as Monitors Get Bigger

When designing your company website, we have to think about current trends, future trends, and web standards. Of course, “web standards” is somewhat of an oxymoron as the web is ever changing, thus new standards are invented annually.
To keep up to speed and continue to turn out website designs that convert visitors into new [...]

Registering Domains for More than a Year May Help Your Search Engine Optimization

We previously talked about aged domain names having a benefit to your search engine optimization. If a domain name has been around a while, search engines tend to believe it has stood the test of time and must have something good to offer the web-surfing community.
What many people do not know is registering a domain [...]