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The Helping Hand of Time and Search Engine Optimization

An active search engine optimization plan can pull your company website to the first page of Google, drive traffic to your website, get social networks to notice you, and put your company’s name in the news. However, with time on your side, results come quicker.
Of course, time can not replace the need for an aggressive [...]

Coloring Your Search Engine Ranking Away

Here is a topic that we recently discovered was still a problem… we hoped that such a practice was in the mid-90’s internet graveyard but its still a problem. Blending keyphrases into your website that are invisible to your readers is a technique that makes the Google Bot’s face red and will almost guarantee a [...]

Downtime Can Lower Your Search Engine Ranking

Google puts a strong emphasis on website quality – quality content, quality navigation, quality inbound links, quality outbound links, quality, quality, quality.
Therefore, it should come as no surprise that your website being up and without returning “not found” errors is an important aspect of getting and achieving a high ranking.
As Google visits your website to [...]

Short Search Engine Optimization Wishlist

The object of search engine optimization for most businesses is to reach local clientele who are in need of their product or services. It’s a pretty simple concept but getting ranked on the first page in many metro areas requires a lot of work. Google basically is looking for a short list of items.
1) Quality [...]

City, State, or Nation: What to Optimize?

When looking at regional search engine optimization, it is important to identify your regional target. If you have a product or service that can be delivered nationwide, a general highly competitive keyphrase would be appropriate (for example, a windmill kit). However, if you are confined to a region, then you would want a keyphrase relevant [...]

The Google Rankings Are Changing

Earlier in the summer, we did a podcast episode on Google Caffeine (, the next generation of the Google core search engine. We were very excited and anxious for this technology to become the norm.
Just recently, Google announced that they would begin implementing the new technology in their datacenters. This is going to happen gradually [...]

Google Blog Search

Everybody online knows about the Google search engine for web searches, but do you know they also offer additional search engines? Google News displays news from media sources from around the world. Google Image Search displays relevant pictures. Google Shopping compares prices on items. And Google Blog Search, well, searches for blogs.
If you have a [...]

Internet Explorer 6 - Abandoning the Browsasaurus

Internet Explorer 6 is the thorn in the design and programming community that keeps getting sharper. In spite of its constant glitches, website design distortions and a series of other problems, nearly 15% of web surfers (according to are still using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6).
The web browser was originally released in 2001, which means [...]

Claiming Your Google Local Ad

Google Local is yet another way of marketing your website online. When someone searches for your business’ products or services in your local area through Google Maps, your Google Local ad is what appears.
Google Local results use the same national telephone directories that Yellow Pages style websites and business directories use, along with user submitted [...]

Knowing the Right Keyphrases for Search Engine Optimization

Many times we get new clients who are already ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines, but are not getting new business. Why is that? It’s because the search engine marketing company prior to our company did not research the keyphrases.
Being on the first page for popular keyphrases is much more [...]

Joomla is NOT Search Engine Optimization Friendly

Recently we experienced a situation with one of our clients. During their first year of search engine marketing through our search engine optimization services, the client was on the first page of Google for their two highly competitive keyphrases. Then, when Google updated their systems in 2008, the website fell off the search results map.
They [...]

Top Ranking Official in Your Field and Search Engines

Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, all of these work together to make sure that your website is found by your target market. But what happens if you are found, but not trusted?
It is the job of your search engine marketing specialist to not only get you to the top of the search engines, but [...]

Patience and Hard Work Makes Search Engine Marketing Work

Perhaps the most overlooked search engine optimization technique is a little patience. The process of search engine optimization and search engine marketing is a progressive one. While Google has gotten a little better about quickly indexing your website’s changes, it’s the links that take a while to add up.
Link building is crucial to the success [...]

We Repeat, Link Exchanges are Useless

It seems like a just a few years ago that the big search engine optimization technique of choice was link exchanges. You setup a link exchange page, other relevant web sites setup a link exchange page and everybody exchanges links with one another.
Services like popped up to simplify the practice. Today, the result of [...]

Looking Good on Top of the Search Engines

If you are using a template or stock design to represent your business, you may not only be doing your brand and image a disservice but also you could be hindering your search engine optimization efforts.
Does the Google Bot have eyes?
Well, not exactly but close. While the Google Bot may not look at poor color [...]

Technology Advances to be Online in 2009

As tech firm’s research and development budgets get reduced due to consumer spending decreasing, we can probably expect fewer technological advances in the near future when dealing with hardware, phones, televisions, and gadgetry.
However, I believe that companies are going to create online technology this year which is cheaper to develop and offers greater profitability.
Even with [...]

Is Personalized Search Really Ending Search Engine Optimization

For those of you with a Google Account, your search results have already changed. You can move rankings, comment on sites, and shift what you are looking for. Should search engine optimization specialists be heading for the unemployment line?
Recently, Google has been working on personalizing search results. If you don’t search within a Google Account, [...]

Search Engine Optimizing for Google’s Standards

Each week, we talk about the various elements that will make your law firm’s web site rank higher in search engines. Google having the highest standards is of course, the search engine we based our practices and policies around. But to truly understand search engine optimization requires an inside look at what Google really wants.
Search [...]

When the Web Gets Tough, It’s Time for Search Engine Optimization

The internet offers a great variety of marketing opportunities that fit into a small businesses budget. However, some of those such as pay per click, may not be suitable during tough economic conditions.
By now, most people probably are getting tired of hearing “times are tough”. A line that was overplayed by every running public official [...]

Search Engine Optimization - Time it Takes to Get to the Top

When encouraging businesses, insurance agents, insurance companies, law firms, and sole practicing attorneys to move forward with a search engine optimization project, the one question that always comes up is “how long is it going to take?”
Search engine optimization is a progressive process which means your ranking will gradually increase over time.
So here is something [...]

Thank You Cuil, My Search Results Needed Random Irrelevant Pictures

Why do “innovators” insist on fixing things that are not broken by launching inferior products? How Cuil, Accoona, and others mock themselves.
It was a big deal, a group of Google expats raise thirty million dollars to stick a group of servers together and suddenly call themselves a search engine. In earlier news releases, Cuil even [...]

The Link Between Design and SEO

It often feels like there are two different types of online companies, designers and marketers. But they should work as one since web design is search engine optimization’s close cousin.
The Creatives verses SEO war has been going on for years. One side says “make it pretty”, the other side says “make it wordy”. Funny enough, [...]

Search Network vs. Content Network on Google Adwords

If you’re an Adwords advertiser, you might not understand the difference between advertising on the Google search network and advertising on the content network.

The search network is made up of Google, AOL, and a variety of other search engines that use Google as their search engine solution. Your ads are only displayed when someone does [...]

Landing Pages for Pay Per Click Conversions

If you use Google Adwords or any other pay per click based search marketing, you may be familiar with landing pages. Landing pages are different than doorway pages. Doorway pages are duplicate pages in your web site that have the same content but different keywords and keyphrases to make the site appear more optimized. They [...]

Creating a Sitemap

Sitemaps are great ways to help the search engines find all of the content within your web site. To create a sitemap, simply open up a web editor or have your webmaster make a simple HTML page which links to every page on your web site.

Then, link the HTML page to your homepage. This will [...]

Myths of the Meta Tag

It surprises me how many search engine optimization companies still use meta tags in their marketing ploys. In the early days of the internet, search engines relied on web site owners placing accurate keywords and descriptions in meta tags to determine where to place the web site in their index.

However, today, search engines download the [...]

Pleasing Google with Your Menu

A commonly overlooked search engine optimization hindrance is your menu. You know, that gateway to the rest of your web site? Often times, your menus are made to look pretty by your web design using flash, slide effects, java effects, rollover buttons, and other methods that look great. However, these attractive effects make it difficult [...]

Statistics and Search Engine Optimization

An often overlooked element of search engine optimization is the use of statistical data. Statistics is how you can measure the success of your search engine optimization effort. The most comprehensive statistics package available for free is Google Analytics (

Google Analytics will help you see where your traffic is coming from and it will also [...]

Google PageRank Updates - Wild Ranking Web

Originally published on Monday, March 24, 2008, 06:53 AM
Anybody who is currently working on getting there web site optimized or having a search engine optimization firm increasing their ranking has recently seen random fluctuations and changes in their ranking.

The reason? Google has been updating their data centers (server farms) along with their PageRank system. [...]

Google PageRank

It is very important to understand at least what your web site’s Google PageRank(TM) represents. The PageRank(TM) is the number Google assigns your web site to identify its quality, relevance, and the quality of the web sites its linking to and are linking to it. Generally, web sites with a higher PageRank(TM) rank higher in [...]

What Is a Backlink?

Backlinks are what inbound links are often referred to as. Basically, this is a link from another relevant web site to your web site. They are also called inbound links. Google reviews the quality and number of relevant web sites linking into your web site to determine the quality of your content and overall, your [...]