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Coloring Your Search Engine Ranking Away

Here is a topic that we recently discovered was still a problem… we hoped that such a practice was in the mid-90’s internet graveyard but its still a problem. Blending keyphrases into your website that are invisible to your readers is a technique that makes the Google Bot’s face red and will almost guarantee a [...]

Twitter Me This

We will write a more detailed article about Twitter in the future; but for now, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about Twitter.
1) What is Twitter? – Essentially, Twitter takes the simplicity of a short text message and combines it with the public access of a blog. So, you can update your “Twitter blog” with 140 [...]

Knowing the Right Keyphrases for Search Engine Optimization

Many times we get new clients who are already ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines, but are not getting new business. Why is that? It’s because the search engine marketing company prior to our company did not research the keyphrases.
Being on the first page for popular keyphrases is much more [...]

Sharing Buttons Help with Search Engine Marketing

A simple search engine marketing technique to keep your visitors coming back is actually a free cut-and-paste program. Social bookmarks and favorite places allow web surfers to save the websites they have visited (like yours) in a folder to easily retrieve the websites at a later date.
With so many social networks and social bookmarking profiles [...]

Search Engine Marketing - Analyze Your Website

Two absolutes for any search engine marketing plan are statistics and website reporting. Without analyzing your website’s performance, you could be missing important information, such as traffic sources and conversion statistics.
If your website is getting a lot of traffic, then your search engine marketing and search engine optimization plan are working effectively. However, if that [...]

Consistency Causes Consistent Search Engine Marketing Success

You know that room in your house that doesn’t have carpet? The muscle car in the garage that will never be a hotrod? Or the patch of dirt and weeds in your backyard that was supposed to be a garden?
Taking on your own search engine optimization will probably yield the same results.
By now, most people [...]

Patience and Hard Work Makes Search Engine Marketing Work

Perhaps the most overlooked search engine optimization technique is a little patience. The process of search engine optimization and search engine marketing is a progressive one. While Google has gotten a little better about quickly indexing your website’s changes, it’s the links that take a while to add up.
Link building is crucial to the success [...]

We Repeat, Link Exchanges are Useless

It seems like a just a few years ago that the big search engine optimization technique of choice was link exchanges. You setup a link exchange page, other relevant web sites setup a link exchange page and everybody exchanges links with one another.
Services like popped up to simplify the practice. Today, the result of [...]

The Sooner You Work with a Search Engine Optimization Company, The Better

It’s that time of year again. The closing of a year past, the beginning of a new one, and the time of year when many companies start thinking about next year’s marketing strategies.
If your company is planning to harness the power of the Internet for 2009, you need to contact a search engine optimization company [...]

The Bottom Link - Adding Text Links will Help Google

Many web sites use flash, java, or images for their top or side menu links. The fancy rollover effects are esthetically enhancing to the web site’s design so its no mystery why they are popular. However, Google needs plain text links to best navigate your web site.
You can keep the attractive menu at the top [...]

Search Engine Optimizing for Google’s Standards

Each week, we talk about the various elements that will make your law firm’s web site rank higher in search engines. Google having the highest standards is of course, the search engine we based our practices and policies around. But to truly understand search engine optimization requires an inside look at what Google really wants.
Search [...]

On Site Blogs Verses Blogger for Search Engine Optimization

Blogs are great ways to increase web traffic, business loyalty and can be a helpful tool in your search engine optimization effort. However, if you are using a third party blog service, you may not be getting the full benefit.

Blogs are everywhere. From the political to the informational, if you can think of a genre, [...]

I Am Not an Internet Company

If you do business online, does that really make you an internet company?

The market is changing and the internet is finding its way into every aspect of our life. In fact, many trade publications agree that by the year 2012, internet accessibility will be about as common and depended on as cellular phone connections. Little [...]

Writing Blog Entries

Blog entries on your onsite blog keeps your visitors informed on basic related information, company news, and industry news.

Blogs are unique in that they can be used as promotional machines and informational sources. You should submit a blog entry at least once every three days to keep the information fresh so that your users will [...]

Shopping Cart Search Engine Optimization

A great way to get your products out there on the web is by using such services as Google Products (formerly Froogle),, Shopzilla/Bizrate, and Yahoo Shopping.

All but Google Products (Froogle) are pay per click based but you’re only charged when someone clicks on your product from their web site to your shopping cart. Click [...]

Submit Your Blog to Share Your Content

Having a blog on your web site is a great way to get traffic by attracting your users with fresh, relevant content. However, your blog’s ability to get people to your web site doesn’t stop with it just being indexed by Google, Yahoo, SpivO, Accoona, Ask, and

On the web, search engines have been popping [...]

Pay Per Click vs. Search Engine Optimization

If you’re just beginning to look into search engine optimization, online marketing, pay per click advertising, interactive media, and other forms of internet based marketing, you might have come across the terms “Pay Per Click” or “Cost Per Click”.

On Google, Yahoo, and most search engines, you will see two sets of search results when doing [...]

Writing Search Engine Optimization Friendly Press Releases

A press release written for online submission needs to be a little different than what you would submit to print media sources. Your keywords and keyphrases need to be plainly stated in the title of your press release as well as the body.

For example, when Adviatech creates a press release, we do not create a [...]

Search Engine Ranking Fluctuation

Often times we are asked by our clients why their page one ranking on Google fluctuates from a rank 3 to rank 5 to rank 2 depending on the day and computer used for the search.

In an effort to only show the most relevant search results, Google will sometimes rank web sites higher or lower [...]

Avoid Free For All (FFA) Link Pages

It is amazing how much old and obsolete information on search engine optimization is still being published as relevant tips. Free for All link pages (or FFA) were used in the early 90’s as a way for webmasters to get links to their web sites. However, a FFA site does not have any particular relevance [...]

Directories and Search Engine Optimization

Previously, we talked about the harmful effects of FFA’s (Free for All link pages) but today, we are going to talk about directories. Directories are web sites that categorize other web sites. The best directories to submit your web site to are the ones that focus primarily on your category. For example, if you are [...]

Linking Anywhere

Inbound links to your web site are a necessary part of search engine optimization. In fact, it is what makes the difference in your optimized web site being ranked on the 10th page or 1st. However, it is still a misunderstood part of search engine optimization and many SEO companies give mixed signals.

Google expresses that [...]

Optimizing the News – Press Release Search Engine Optimization

Press releases are great ways to not only increase your link population but your overall brand awareness as well. Many newswires like PrWeb,, etc, have a huge number of inbound links so naturally, your press release hosted on their web site has a greater chance of being ranked on the first page than your [...]

YouTube, User Video Upload Web Sites, and Their Place in Your Online Marketing Strategy

User Upload video web sites are fun to visit to see the strange, funny, and often times stupid aspects of people’s lives. But they also can play a valuable role in your online marketing strategy.

The Mentos and Diet Coke trick, a car accident, a talking cigar smoking cat, these are what make user video web [...]

Clearing Out the Dead Links

As you make changes to your web site, its important to make sure your menu’s are updated as well. Otherwise, you might have dead links. A dead link is a link to a page within your web site that does not work. More than likely, it doesn’t work because of a misspelling or you have [...]

Pleasing Google with Your Menu

A commonly overlooked search engine optimization hindrance is your menu. You know, that gateway to the rest of your web site? Often times, your menus are made to look pretty by your web design using flash, slide effects, java effects, rollover buttons, and other methods that look great. However, these attractive effects make it difficult [...]

Statistics and Search Engine Optimization

An often overlooked element of search engine optimization is the use of statistical data. Statistics is how you can measure the success of your search engine optimization effort. The most comprehensive statistics package available for free is Google Analytics (

Google Analytics will help you see where your traffic is coming from and it will also [...]

Google PageRank Updates - Wild Ranking Web

Originally published on Monday, March 24, 2008, 06:53 AM
Anybody who is currently working on getting there web site optimized or having a search engine optimization firm increasing their ranking has recently seen random fluctuations and changes in their ranking.

The reason? Google has been updating their data centers (server farms) along with their PageRank system. [...]

Google PageRank

It is very important to understand at least what your web site’s Google PageRank(TM) represents. The PageRank(TM) is the number Google assigns your web site to identify its quality, relevance, and the quality of the web sites its linking to and are linking to it. Generally, web sites with a higher PageRank(TM) rank higher in [...]