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Using Business Social Network

A month ago,’s parent company, Adviatech Beta, launched a business social network called Adviatech Connect.
The application was customized to make it search engine friendly by allowing members to post blog entries, marketing literature, and connect with other businesses. Most importantly, we allow hyperlinking keyphrases.
Whenever you post a blog entry in Adviatech Connect and a [...]

Insurance Agency Search Engine Optimization

Insurance Agency Search Engine Optimization is now available from the search engine optimization company that offers the real money back guaranty. Adviatech has developed a search engine optimization strategy that is custom made for insurance agencies looking to do more quotes and write more policies using the internet and their web site.

Of course, if your [...]

Getting More Leads for Your Insurance Agency

Leads and policies are the reason why you have a web site or need a web site for your insurance agency. The best way to maximize the number of leads you get onto your web site is start a search engine optimization campaign. Clearly, the more targeted visitors you get, the greater the odds of [...]

Educating Your Visitors Into Buying Policies

Everybody needs insurance but hardly anybody understands it. By having an insurance agency, you have the luxury of offering products that everybody needs. The way to leverage that is by educating your users.

On your insurance agency’s web site, you should utilize a blog and a frequently asked questions/knowledge base. This will add a great amount [...]

The Insurance Marketing Power of Advice

When optimizing your insurance web site, it is important to remember that the one thing that brings in the traffic is information. As Google reads your web site and determines your ranking, they have your textual content to use as a guide for establishing your appropriate ranking.

As more and more consumers and businesses start their [...]

Why You Are Not Writing More Policies

As you know, owning an insurance agency opens up potential to make a lot of money, especially over time as policies renew. But the key to next year’s success is in what you’re doing right now. More people and businesses turn to the internet for insurance, now, than ever before. You might have been sold [...]

An Easy Way to Get More Insurance Quotes from the Web

Sometimes, we go over detailed ideas about how you can change the content of your web site to be better search engine optimized. Or, increase links to your web site. But what about conversion?

Conversion is what keeps your search engine optimization company (hopefully us) employed and solvent. While anybody can get traffic, its getting targeted [...]

Assuring Insurance Web Site Success

In order to have a successful insurance web site, you must first identify your goals. If your goal is to write more policies, you need to identify which insurance products you want to sell the most of and target your web site’s content around that.

Once you have decided which insurance products to focus on, it [...]

Reaching the Top of Google for Your Agency’s Web Site

Most insurance agencies write policies in particular regions across the country which means you must appear for those related terms. For example, a health insurance agency in South Carolina would not benefit from someone in Oregon searching for a general phrase like “health insurance”. Thus, in that case, it would be necessary to be on [...]

SEO Verses Print Media for Insurance Agencies

When allocating marketing resources for your insurance agency, you may find it difficult to determine which avenues are going to provide the most exposure and ultimately, give your agency for policies.

Traditionally, agencies have used billboards, newspapers, phone books, television and direct mail/postcards to attract new clients. Yellow page ads, billboards, newspapers, and television all boast [...]