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Online Reputation Management - Go Ahead, Google Yourself

One of the first (and easiest) things you should do in
managing your online reputation is, well, finding out
if you have something to manage. If you are advertising yourself, chances are,
others are Googling you.
Unfortunately, you may be falling victim to accidental
reputation mishaps. Something as minute as a speeding ticket from a state
trooper could appear on the [...]

How Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Work as One

It often feels like there are two different types of online
companies, designers and marketers. But they should work as one since web
design is search engine optimization’s close cousins.
The Creatives verses SEO war has been going on for years.
One side says “make it pretty”, the other side says “make it wordy”. Funny
enough, both sides are [...]

Thank You Cuil, My Search Results Needed Random Irrelevant Pictures

Why do “innovators” insist on fixing things that are not broken by launching inferior products? How Cuil, Accoona, and others mock themselves.
It was a big deal, a group of Google expats raise thirty million dollars to stick a group of servers together and suddenly call themselves a search engine.
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Online Reputation Management Works Better With Good People

When repairing your online reputation, it is often helpful to well, do good things. For example, if a minor infraction in your community has left you with questionable news articles online, you could counter this news by sponsoring local charities or events.
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Do SEO Firms Pay Attention to Google?

Nope. It doesn’t look like it. While Google has openlytalked against active link exchange solicitation, some SEO firms are notlistening. There was a day in yesteryear that you would install a linkexchange partner page on your site as an SEO tool as necessary as a sitemap.You would solicit links to your web site and then, in [...]