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Usability Testing Is The Final Step In SEO Marketing

Your website has been designed, you have enhanced the homepage and other pages for the proper keywords, all your images have “alt” tags and your breadcrumbs and navigation menus are organized and use understandable explanations. By all rights, you are ready to go live.
In the weeks after going live, you notice increased traffic but no [...]

Creating Titles that are Optimized

When writing a heading or title, who are you writing for: search engines or customers? The answer should be both. Your page title or article heading should follow a particular format so that you do not turn off customers with an inundation of words.
In regards to headings, try to keep them fewer than eight words. [...]

Improving Website Conversion Starts with a Contact Form

If you tuck away the contact form, you are requiring the visitor to make an extra step to contact your company. The average visitor to a website will visit 2.3 pages on your site. This number can be increased if you keep a blog actively updated. However, if the homepage is the first page, the [...]

City, State, or Nation: What to Optimize?

When looking at regional search engine optimization, it is important to identify your regional target. If you have a product or service that can be delivered nationwide, a general highly competitive keyphrase would be appropriate (for example, a windmill kit). However, if you are confined to a region, then you would want a keyphrase relevant [...]

Focusing you SEO on Top to Get on Top

Much of what the search engines judge you by is the information and keyphrases that appear at the top of the page. That is one thing that search engine bots and users have in common.
Therefore, it is important to establish what you do and where you are located at the top of the page starting [...]

Internet Explorer 6 - Abandoning the Browsasaurus

Internet Explorer 6 is the thorn in the design and programming community that keeps getting sharper. In spite of its constant glitches, website design distortions and a series of other problems, nearly 15% of web surfers (according to are still using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6).
The web browser was originally released in 2001, which means [...]

Syndicating Links for Search Engine Optimization

To get to the first page of Google and other search engines, you need links to your website. That is to say, you know other websites to link to yours without you linking back to them. By now, most people looking into search engine optimization have heard that.
What is the best way to do that? [...]

How much is too much information?

Content, content, content. The search engines want your website to provide valuable content and lots of it, but is it possible to have too much?
Having a website filled with useful content is a necessary part of search engine optimization. Providing information, links to valuable resources, and content relevant to your industry is a surefire way [...]

Twitter Me That

(Part II of “Twitter Me This”)
Last week, we talked about the basics of Twitter. If you missed it, here is a quick recap.
Twitter combines the publicity of a blog with the simplicity of text messages. You’re rather limited with 140 characters per post. Everyone from doctors to senators to gossiping teenagers use Twitter. They use [...]

Convert Web Traffic by Upgrading Your Design

Some companies come to us with websites that have quality, insightful content, and pages of valuable information. However, the search engines are not ranking them favorably and the traffic they are getting does not convert to contact requests or new cases.
Often times, the problem lies in the design. Clean, professional design instills confidence in the [...]

Autoplay Videos May Turn Off Visitors

Since the technology became available to make videos quickly play on the internet, many companies have been including them on their website. The presence of a video on your website will neither help nor hurt your search engine ranking, (provided it does not replace textual content) but it may help with conversion.
However, when someone goes [...]

Sharing Buttons Help with Search Engine Marketing

A simple search engine marketing technique to keep your visitors coming back is actually a free cut-and-paste program. Social bookmarks and favorite places allow web surfers to save the websites they have visited (like yours) in a folder to easily retrieve the websites at a later date.
With so many social networks and social bookmarking profiles [...]

Joomla is NOT Search Engine Optimization Friendly

Recently we experienced a situation with one of our clients. During their first year of search engine marketing through our search engine optimization services, the client was on the first page of Google for their two highly competitive keyphrases. Then, when Google updated their systems in 2008, the website fell off the search results map.
They [...]

Search Engine Marketing - Analyze Your Website

Two absolutes for any search engine marketing plan are statistics and website reporting. Without analyzing your website’s performance, you could be missing important information, such as traffic sources and conversion statistics.
If your website is getting a lot of traffic, then your search engine marketing and search engine optimization plan are working effectively. However, if that [...]

Search Engine Marketing - Not Tonight, I’m Blogging

When it comes to search engine marketing and search engine optimization, blogs may be the greatest invention since caffeine… oh yes, it’s that important. Blogs offer an easy interface that anyone, at any skill level, is able to add content to their website.
In addition, others who like the content can simply plug the RSS feed [...]

Search Engine Marketing Targets are Easier to Hit

Search engine optimization is all about relevancy and popularity. If you have a website that covers multiple services and products, your relevance will be more difficult to achieve since there isn’t a small set of keyphrases for which your website is relevant.
The best remedy to this problem is to target the most profitable parts of [...]

Consistency Causes Consistent Search Engine Marketing Success

You know that room in your house that doesn’t have carpet? The muscle car in the garage that will never be a hotrod? Or the patch of dirt and weeds in your backyard that was supposed to be a garden?
Taking on your own search engine optimization will probably yield the same results.
By now, most people [...]

Going Cheap on Search Engine Optimization Means Going Nowhere

To stay up on the competition, I often review other search engine marketing companies to see what Adviatech is going up against. While some search engine optimization companies have plans and services that contain all the elements that make up a higher Google ranking, still lurking around are the cheap services that offer no value [...]

Patience and Hard Work Makes Search Engine Marketing Work

Perhaps the most overlooked search engine optimization technique is a little patience. The process of search engine optimization and search engine marketing is a progressive one. While Google has gotten a little better about quickly indexing your website’s changes, it’s the links that take a while to add up.
Link building is crucial to the success [...]

We Repeat, Link Exchanges are Useless

It seems like a just a few years ago that the big search engine optimization technique of choice was link exchanges. You setup a link exchange page, other relevant web sites setup a link exchange page and everybody exchanges links with one another.
Services like popped up to simplify the practice. Today, the result of [...]

Looking Good on Top of the Search Engines

If you are using a template or stock design to represent your business, you may not only be doing your brand and image a disservice but also you could be hindering your search engine optimization efforts.
Does the Google Bot have eyes?
Well, not exactly but close. While the Google Bot may not look at poor color [...]

The Cost of Not Search Engine Optimizing

Avoiding Search Engine Optimization Can Cost Your Business
Many businesses are still not utilizing the Internet to get more leads from their web site. This is often due to not fully understanding the process of search engine optimization, or the value associated with it.
Currently, you have–depending on your industry – 1,000 – 10,000 searches on Google [...]

Focus on a Keyphrase for Better Search Engine Optimization

The one important element of any search engine optimization campaign is the keyphrase or keyphrases. Get ranked highly on the first page for a not-so-popular term, and your website will have no traffic. Choose a term too common, and your website will have high volumes of low quality traffic.
What to do? Focus. By focusing on [...]

The Sooner You Work with a Search Engine Optimization Company, The Better

It’s that time of year again. The closing of a year past, the beginning of a new one, and the time of year when many companies start thinking about next year’s marketing strategies.
If your company is planning to harness the power of the Internet for 2009, you need to contact a search engine optimization company [...]

Is Personalized Search Really Ending Search Engine Optimization

For those of you with a Google Account, your search results have already changed. You can move rankings, comment on sites, and shift what you are looking for. Should search engine optimization specialists be heading for the unemployment line?
Recently, Google has been working on personalizing search results. If you don’t search within a Google Account, [...]

Search Engine Optimizing for Google’s Standards

Each week, we talk about the various elements that will make your law firm’s web site rank higher in search engines. Google having the highest standards is of course, the search engine we based our practices and policies around. But to truly understand search engine optimization requires an inside look at what Google really wants.
Search [...]

When the Web Gets Tough, It’s Time for Search Engine Optimization

The internet offers a great variety of marketing opportunities that fit into a small businesses budget. However, some of those such as pay per click, may not be suitable during tough economic conditions.
By now, most people probably are getting tired of hearing “times are tough”. A line that was overplayed by every running public official [...]

Search Engine Optimization - Time it Takes to Get to the Top

When encouraging businesses, insurance agents, insurance companies, law firms, and sole practicing attorneys to move forward with a search engine optimization project, the one question that always comes up is “how long is it going to take?”
Search engine optimization is a progressive process which means your ranking will gradually increase over time.
So here is something [...]

SEO and Information - The Two Powers Combined

One of the best ways to convert visitors into customers is by offering free information. A downloadable guide relevant to your business is like a digital business card.
Speaking from first hand experience, visitors will become customers with a company that positions themselves as an authority in their field. By writing an Ebook or guide, you [...]

Looking Your Best for Search Engine Optimization

Traffic is just one part of search engine optimization. In most cases, its not the traffic that makes SEO worth the money, it’s the new business. New business from web traffic is all about conversion.
If you walk into a store that is dirty and has disorganized shelves and an overall unpleasant environment, is it likely [...]

Heading to Page One

The guaranteed search engine optimization tip of the week is generally about link building but this week, we are moving to the top. The top of the page.
Your page title is the single most important line of your web site. This is where it is vital to list your keyphrases in left to right order [...]

First Page Search Engine Ranking with Flash

The first response from a search engine optimization specialists when reading a title like that may be “whaaaaaat?”. It turns out, that Flash has a place in this world and you can use it properly without taking a ranking dive.
First, let us explore why flash is generally frowned upon in the search engine optimization community. [...]

Bragging Your Way to More Clients

We have been focusing on making your law firm’s web site convert visitors to cases recently [in Law Firm Marketing Weekly]. This of course, is the reason you got a web site to begin with. To date, we have talked about design, contact form placement, and using an on site blog. All of those topics, [...]

Design Pulls Lawyer Rankings Up

In recent issues of Law Firm Marketing Weekly, we have been focusing on design. We feel that this is a part of search engine optimization that is often ignored. So how important is design?
Google, in their webmaster guidelines says “If you’re thinking about hiring an SEO, the earlier the better. A great time to hire [...]

The Link Between Design and SEO

It often feels like there are two different types of online companies, designers and marketers. But they should work as one since web design is search engine optimization’s close cousin.
The Creatives verses SEO war has been going on for years. One side says “make it pretty”, the other side says “make it wordy”. Funny enough, [...]

Adviatech Launches Online Reputation Management Subsidiary

Adviatech Corp., a search engine optimization company, launched their reputation management subsidiary this week after eighteen months of planning.
The newest problem for businesses and individuals online has become their own behavior. Google has replaced traditional background checks and employer references for many human resource departments and consumers now ‘Google’ companies before working with them.

The problem [...]

City, State, or Nationwide SEO

At first, you may think targeting bigger zones may bring in more business. However, aiming for a target bigger than your company, may simply add headaches.

If you are a bankruptcy lawyer in Raleigh North Carolina, you do not want to optimize for the term “North Carolina Bankruptcy Lawyer” unless you have satellite offices all [...]

I Am Not an Internet Company

If you do business online, does that really make you an internet company?

The market is changing and the internet is finding its way into every aspect of our life. In fact, many trade publications agree that by the year 2012, internet accessibility will be about as common and depended on as cellular phone connections. Little [...]

Designing with Search Engine Optimization in Mind

Sometimes, a fresh look for your web site could mean new obstacles for your search engine optimization company. Here are some things to do and avoid.

As times change, designs need to change to keep your brand fresh and your company image modern. However, your web sites new look can cause trouble for your search engine [...]

Search Engine Optimization Company Selection

Choosing a search engine optimization company can be tiring. Here are a few tips to help insure that you are getting the best SEO specialist for the money.

Your web site is up, functional, and looks good. You stare at it with much satisfaction until you look at the stats. Suddenly it occurs to you…you need [...]

Writing Search Engine Optimization Friendly Press Releases

A press release written for online submission needs to be a little different than what you would submit to print media sources. Your keywords and keyphrases need to be plainly stated in the title of your press release as well as the body.

For example, when Adviatech creates a press release, we do not create a [...]

Website Optimization Starts With Design

The design of your web site can help and hurt your search engine optimization effort. While color schemes, pictures, and other visual appearances will have limited affect on your site, the placement of such objects can be a little more damaging.

It’s a common mistake to place flash all over a web site or use flash [...]

Link Exchanges

The value of quality link partnerships cannot be overemphasized. While you, of course, must have quality content, relevant content, fresh content, and a search engine friendly web site, the next step is link population. Link population is the process of getting other relevant web sites to link to your web site. These are also referred [...]

Writing a Blog Entry for Search Engine Optimization

On Site Blog’s are great ways to add fresh content to your web site and increase your inbound link population. Unlike articles, blog entries can consist of one or two paragraphs and be brief and to the point.

The frequency of blog entry submissions should be at least four times a month. As many Adviatech clients [...]

Clearing Out the Dead Links

As you make changes to your web site, its important to make sure your menu’s are updated as well. Otherwise, you might have dead links. A dead link is a link to a page within your web site that does not work. More than likely, it doesn’t work because of a misspelling or you have [...]

Your Web Site is Keeping You Down

In past blog entries, we have stressed the importance of a good, content rich, web site when optimizing for the first page of Google. However, more often overlooked is the items currently on your web site that are damaging your ranking.

Google must see textual content. Often times, web sites are made in Flash or have [...]

Statistics and Search Engine Optimization

An often overlooked element of search engine optimization is the use of statistical data. Statistics is how you can measure the success of your search engine optimization effort. The most comprehensive statistics package available for free is Google Analytics (

Google Analytics will help you see where your traffic is coming from and it will also [...]

Optimizing Your Law Firm with the Right Phrase

A common question that we get every day is “how can you get my law firm’s web site to the first page of Google?” With such an endless variety of keywords and keyphrases, the first page of Google depends on which keyphrase your law firm’s web site is relevant to.

Relevance simply refers to your web [...]

Your Web Site’s Google Ranking is Content Dependant

Many search engine optimization companies decide whether to lean on content or links for the best search engine ranking. The truth is, it takes both. Your business may have relevant content but without quality web sites linking to your web site, you won’t get a high ranking. On the other hand, if your web site [...]

Your Law Firm Must be Designed to Optimize

Web design is search engine optimization’s close cousin. The design of your web site is almost as important as the content within it. One of the biggest mistakes made by web designers is the use of flash buttons, java buttons, and other buttons other than textual links.

Search engines need links to easily access all of [...]

Design and Simplicity

Have you ever walked into a little grocery store that carries just the items you are looking for but the floor is dirty, the shelves are disorganized, and the overall atmosphere is scattered? If your web site doesn’t have a clean design and simple navigation, you are representing your business in a similar manner.

When someone [...]