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The Google Rankings Are Changing

Earlier in the summer, we did a podcast episode on Google Caffeine (, the next generation of the Google core search engine. We were very excited and anxious for this technology to become the norm.
Just recently, Google announced that they would begin implementing the new technology in their datacenters. This is going to happen gradually [...]

Google Blog Search

Everybody online knows about the Google search engine for web searches, but do you know they also offer additional search engines? Google News displays news from media sources from around the world. Google Image Search displays relevant pictures. Google Shopping compares prices on items. And Google Blog Search, well, searches for blogs.
If you have a [...]

Why You Should Be Blogging for Search Engine Optimization

Having a blog on your website is as much required as your phone number and contact information. An onsite blog will allow you to offer your visitors concise information related to your area of practice and it keeps your website growing with new pages of content on a regular basis.
The word blog is a contraction [...]

If Not MySpace, Where Should I Do Business Social Networking?

In keeping with this week’s focus on social networking, our tip of the week is not to use MySpace for business networking.
Many other services exist that offer more business-friendly features. Here are a few:
1) Facebook for Business (not to be confused with regular Facebook) – Facebook teamed up with Visa to form the Facebook Visa [...]

Do News Feeds Help Search Engine Optimization?

A misconception among those involved in search engine optimization for their own websites is that news feeds will drastically help their search engine ranking. This is a partial fact.
It is true; using an RSS feed to bring in frequently updated content helps out a little. It offers a valuable benefit to your visitors as well [...]

Using Business Social Network

A month ago,’s parent company, Adviatech Beta, launched a business social network called Adviatech Connect.
The application was customized to make it search engine friendly by allowing members to post blog entries, marketing literature, and connect with other businesses. Most importantly, we allow hyperlinking keyphrases.
Whenever you post a blog entry in Adviatech Connect and a [...]

Rebranding of Search Engine Marketing Company, Adviatech Gets Completed

After five years, search engine optimization company, Adviatech, updates their logo, marketing literature, and brand. Adviatech has also introduced a series of new search engine marketing related services.
It was toward the end of 2004 when Tampa based American Marketing Management and Motivation Services, Inc., (AMMMS) met with the recently retired Jason Bland. AMMMS, founded in [...]

Search Engine Optimization and Hosting

A hosting provider is an important part of your search engine marketing. I’m reminded of a client of ours from several years ago. Their ecommerce website was ranked number 2 on the first page of Google for their main keyphrase, clearly a successful search engine optimization campaign. But, they were hosting their website with a [...]

Search Engine Marketing with Adviatech in 2009

All of us at Adviatech hope you enjoyed a happy and safe New Years. So its 2009, what are you planning on doing about your web site? Your online marketing? Your search engine marketing? Search engine marketing is going to be very important in the coming year.
Online marketing (and search engine marketing) are going to [...]

Adviatech Rebranding and Going Beyond Search Engine Optimization

The New Year is right around the corner and I must say, I could not be more excited. Adviatech’s re-branding efforts are underway and we have recently finished a business only social network called Adviatech Connect.

Our logo which has treated us well for 4 years has been upgraded (take a peak at and next [...]

Adviatech Launches Online Reputation Management Subsidiary

Adviatech Corp., a search engine optimization company, launched their reputation management subsidiary this week after eighteen months of planning.
The newest problem for businesses and individuals online has become their own behavior. Google has replaced traditional background checks and employer references for many human resource departments and consumers now ‘Google’ companies before working with them.

The problem [...]

Adviatech Goes International for Growth Strategy

Tucked away in a business park in Tampa Florida resides a search engine optimization company gaining increased market share this year. While they do have signage in the office park registry, you won’t see any billboards, park benches, or newspaper ads in Tampa Florida for this SEO firm.

As you approach the front door which displays [...]

Guaranteed SEO Service Offered to More Competitive Industries

Search engine optimization company, Adviatech Corp., ( announced that they have added to the list of acceptable industries into their guaranteed SEO plan.

Tampa Florida based search engine optimization company, Adviatech, announced that they are allowing more competitive terms under the umbrella of their guaranteed search engine optimization service. Last month, Adviatech launched the guaranteed SEO [...]