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Getting to Know Your Clients

The message is clear: consumers want to be heard. But is the message heard by whom it matters – the marketers?

With the proliferation of consumer reviews, blogs and social media channels like Facebook, consumers everywhere are voicing their opinions about companies – from the level of customer service given to the defective products they used and returned in exchange for something that works. Other topics such as hatred of commercials or wasted gimmicky and nonsensical ads and the dislike of mobile harassments that assault their web-surfings also teem social media channels. The point is, consumers are the lighthouses and marketers are the ships, so why float blindly in the night fog hoping to reach shore when they are here directing you?

However, there seems to be another issue: what about demographic marketing along the lines of cultural differences? Are marketers getting the point of such fine targeting?

So what can you do to make sure you let the consumer know they are heard? How can you easily reach out to the consumer?

With an effective Internet marketing campaign to smartphones and other mobile devices through a company like Adviatech, you can target consumers by their needs, by their cultures and by their demographics. This is done via social media optimization through the social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. This can also be done via mobile advertising through an effective pay-per-click campaign.

Give the customer what they want and they will reciprocate your needs as well as giving you business. Give customers mobile applications and social network profiles that enhance their daily lives, send them coupons and specials that pique their interests and do not forget that a text or email with the word free is always an eye-catcher. The consumer knows you marketers wish to be heard, they know you exist, but do you know they exist?

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