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Is Your Business Social?

Letting consumers know your business exists can be very tricky. You can advertise in local flyers, billboards, even local or national commercials, or you can go broader and cheaper by embracing the world of Internet marketing.

In this world, you can advertise via pay-per click campaigns and optimize your business website for the major search engines. But while SEO and PPC is a major tool in this web marketing, there is one tool that many companies fail to fully optimize: social media.

Social media involves optimizing your company for sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Linkedin, and many more. It involves creating podcasts or videocasts that inform and educate. It involves creating deals via sites like Groupon or Mobiq. What SMO (social media optimization) boils down to is having content that is available for computers and mobile devices through blogs, podcasts or social network updates. This content must create interactivity with your target customers – it must create interest. With the right optimization of social media through Internet marketing companies like Adviatech, you can parlay your current SEO campaign and get the traffic and revenues you are seeking.

Are you social? Are you socially optimized? Have you created a network of consumers that are as close to you as your family and friends? If not, then it is time to get social. For the customer who belongs to your family will always come back to you and tell others about you. Everyone wishes to be a part of something. Consumers are ferreting out the companies that they wish to follow. Do not let your company go unnoticed. Now is the time to get social.

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