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How Citations Help with Local Search Engine Optimization

When many business owners hear the term SEO marketing, the first thing they think about is modifying their company’s website for global optimization through the most popular search engine, Google. Their goal is to obtain the highest ranking in this global search realm so that potential customers know where they are if they wish to do business. For any company who has a website, search engine optimization is an important tool and investment to utilize.

In Global SEO, one of the many techniques used is through the process of back linking. This is when other websites link to yours through mediums such as affiliate websites, blogs, or syndicating news providers. Back linking is the most important process a company that has a website can invest time in.

However, other companies who do not have a website have run into a crux: how do they get their business noticed on popular search engines? While a good answer for any company is to have a website, as a website is a must in the Web 2.0 industry, there might be another expedient answer: Local SEO.

Local SEO is the search engine results that come up when someone types in a set of keywords. The search engines return companies and products within the searcher’s zip code. Search engines, such as Google, have implemented a process that will automatically detect searchers’ zip codes or locations via their IP addresses. While this may sound great for many companies that wish to reach out to the local markets, the question is how do you rank on these local search results? One answer: citations.

What back linking is to Global SEO, citations are to Local SEO.

Citations show the search engine algorithms that a company is part of a community, even if it does not have its own website. The more communities the business belongs to, the more reviews these communities give it, the higher its ranking.

Citations come from well-established websites such as or Google Places, once your company is listed in their directory. As mentioned earlier, you do not need a website to rank locally, all you need is a properly implemented local search campaign.

The diverse world of SEO has many roads to travel, both local and global, but in the end if all the right roads are taken without shortcuts, they will all lead to the same end: success and profit for you.

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