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Creating Titles that are Optimized

When writing a heading or title, who are you writing for: search engines or customers? The answer should be both. Your page title or article heading should follow a particular format so that you do not turn off customers with an inundation of words.

In regards to headings, try to keep them fewer than eight words. More than eight risks search engines listing your title with an ellipsis. The issue with this break of text when displayed in search engines is that many of these engines have a hard time properly categorizing the heading and, in turn, will lower your chances of gaining a higher SEO ranking.

Example heading: Long Waits At Airport Create Long Lines of…

In respect to website titles, do not rely solely on the slowly fading use of metatags in order to push your keywords for SEO. In fact, your title can make or break your search engine ranking. How? List specific keywords first, followed by broader words. The reason for this is that words that are listed first in a title are given the most importance in search engines.

Example: Cars For You Homepage: Car Repairs, Used Cars, New Cars

This is incorrect, as you are placing more importance on the keywords “cars, for, you, and homepage. If we were to refine this here is one way the title could look:

Car Repairs, New Cars, Used Cars: Cars For You

(Specific keywords in a title can usurp any metatags you listed.)

On a side note, many search engines, such as Google, can display up to 70 characters in a title, and just as a heading. If the title does not exceed this count, search engines will display the full title without any breakups in text, in turn paralleling the advantage of a low word count in your headings.

Follow these simple and easy to remember tips for that proliferation in website visits you have been looking for. You will not only draw the attention of search engines, but your target customers as well. Good designing.

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