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The Helping Hand of Time and Search Engine Optimization

An active search engine optimization plan can pull your company website to the first page of Google, drive traffic to your website, get social networks to notice you, and put your company’s name in the news. However, with time on your side, results come quicker.

Of course, time can not replace the need for an aggressive optimization strategy. Many websites with a decade behind them are still lost in back pages of search results. However, when you take an older domain name and properly optimize the content and build credible links, the results can be instantly reached.

Google’s algorithm is built to focus on one thing and one thing only. Quality. Google generates revenue through pay-per-click advertisers. In order to get companies to spend money advertising on Google, Google has to have a large searching audience. In order to get the large search audience, they have to make sure their search engine delivers quality search results for the end user. If the quality isn’t there, Google becomes the next Yahoo!.

With 81 percent market share in the United States and 91 percent worldwide, it is safe to say that Google is delivering quality. Their rules are only going to become stricter as time goes on to maintain their unofficial monopoly in the search engine market.

Just as age and experience give your business a competitive advantage, the age of your website also gives you one strong credibility point with Google when they determine your quality.

On several occasions, we have built brand new websites, optimized content, spent a couple months building links, sending news releases, and connecting websites on social networks and got our clients on the first page of Google for a few of their popular search terms in 6 to 8 weeks – a result made possible when combining aggressive SEO with a domain name that is 5 or more years old.

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