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City, State, or Nation: What to Optimize?

When looking at regional search engine optimization, it is important to identify your regional target. If you have a product or service that can be delivered nationwide, a general highly competitive keyphrase would be appropriate (for example, a windmill kit). However, if you are confined to a region, then you would want a keyphrase relevant to that region (for example, Cincinnati windmill installations or Cincinnati windmill setup).

This can be applied to all industries. With attorneys, sometimes firms will want to optimize too wide of an area. For example, a personal injury firm may want to optimize for California personal injury, but they only have offices in Sacramento. Certainly, they don’t want to filter out inquiries from Los Angeles 6 hours away, so it would be better to focus on Sacramento personal injury.

Other industries, like insurance, may be able to write policies statewide but prefer a more local feel for their agency. So in this case, the insurance agency would have to decide whether they want to fight for a statewide term or focus regionally within their closest major metro area.

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