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Archive for November, 2009

Avoid Proprietary Website Management Systems

You should avoid “proprietary” content management systems. Content management systems are, in theory, easy-to-use, online website editors that allow website owners to easily make changes to their site by logging onto an online control panel.
Several marketing and web development companies have content management systems that are exclusive to their service. If things do not work [...]

Google Blog Search

Everybody online knows about the Google search engine for web searches, but do you know they also offer additional search engines? Google News displays news from media sources from around the world. Google Image Search displays relevant pictures. Google Shopping compares prices on items. And Google Blog Search, well, searches for blogs.
If you have a [...]

Redundancy Can Work Against SEO

A big mistake that many businesses make with their website content is wording it as if they were introducing themselves at a business meeting. The stale, “We specialize in widgets and whatnots,” just does not work when you are trying to convert your web traffic to new business.
Your website’s content is important for search engines [...]

A Simple Sitemap Takes Your Search Engine Marketing a Long Way

One of the oldest search engine optimization tools around is actually one of the few that is still effective. Sitemaps have been around as long as the Internet has been commercially available.
Basically, a standard sitemap is just a page that links to all of the pages on your website in a neatly categorized form. By [...]