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Archive for September, 2009

Filtering Search Engine Traffic on Your Website

A major concern for many regionally focused website owners (such as attorneys) is limiting the traffic to fit their niche. For example, a divorce attorney that specializes in high profile cases can’t optimize his website for “high net worth divorce lawyer.” Such a term probably gets very little traffic.
The solution is optimizing wide and filtering [...]

The Annoying Side of the Web – Stop the Noise

Continuing with our series on the “Annoying Side of the Web,” this week’s topic is noise. Remember the early days of the Internet when you could embed background music? You would visit a website and a little ragtime tune would pop up.
It may have been neat at the time, but nowadays more visitors than not [...]

The Annoying Side of the Web – Matching Text with Background

Over the next few weeks we are going to point out some irritating features found on certain websites. This week, it’s all about colors.
Do you know why black ink is still printed on white/off white paper even though colored printing is cheaply accessible? Because it’s easy to read. When you pick up a book, the [...]

Why You Should Be Blogging for Search Engine Optimization

Having a blog on your website is as much required as your phone number and contact information. An onsite blog will allow you to offer your visitors concise information related to your area of practice and it keeps your website growing with new pages of content on a regular basis.
The word blog is a contraction [...]