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Defining SEO Company Ethics

There is much talk on the web about black hat search engine optimization, white hat search engine optimization, and even gray hat for the SEO companies that like to work in the middle. But what is ethical and unethical? They’re just search engines, right?

Basically, ethical practices are determined by the search engines. “Black hat” SEO practices are not illegal, you won’t go to jail, and chances are, you won’t be sued. However, the negative effect of link exchanges, keyword spamming, unscrupulous linking, and other discouraged practices is that your website will quickly respond to these changes and rank highly in a short period of time before plummeting into the abyss of flagged search engine results.

White hat or ethical practices generally include monitored link building, investigating websites before having them link to your website, using content distribution, blogging, and other forms of distributing unique textual content to build links. It also includes quality from website design to onsite optimization.

The “ethical” way of search engine marketing may not work overnight, but the results last longer.

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