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Archive for August, 2009

Thinking Local for Search Engine Optimization May Yield Greater Results

When laying out your search engine marketing plan, you should first decide whether you want to attract the whole world, the whole country or your neighborhood. Thinking too big at first may actually give you less traffic.
Just as an example, we will use a Florida divorce attorney who has offices all across the state. The [...]

What RSS Can do for Search Engine Optimization

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. With a name like Really Simple Syndication, the workings for a beginner can be anything but simple.
Most popular blog platforms will automatically generate RSS feeds. Blogs like Wordpress, Blogger and TypePad will create an RSS feed based on your blog entries. Then other blog owners can receive your RSS [...]

Claiming Your Google Local Ad

Google Local is yet another way of marketing your website online. When someone searches for your business’ products or services in your local area through Google Maps, your Google Local ad is what appears.
Google Local results use the same national telephone directories that Yellow Pages style websites and business directories use, along with user submitted [...]

Defining SEO Company Ethics

There is much talk on the web about black hat search engine optimization, white hat search engine optimization, and even gray hat for the SEO companies that like to work in the middle. But what is ethical and unethical? They’re just search engines, right?
Basically, ethical practices are determined by the search engines. “Black hat” SEO [...]

If Not MySpace, Where Should I Do Business Social Networking?

In keeping with this week’s focus on social networking, our tip of the week is not to use MySpace for business networking.
Many other services exist that offer more business-friendly features. Here are a few:
1) Facebook for Business (not to be confused with regular Facebook) – Facebook teamed up with Visa to form the Facebook Visa [...]