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Archive for May, 2009

Rebranding of Search Engine Marketing Company, Adviatech Gets Completed

After five years, search engine optimization company, Adviatech, updates their logo, marketing literature, and brand. Adviatech has also introduced a series of new search engine marketing related services.
It was toward the end of 2004 when Tampa based American Marketing Management and Motivation Services, Inc., (AMMMS) met with the recently retired Jason Bland. AMMMS, founded in [...]

Know Where You Stand with Google

Just as it helps to monitor your credit, it also helps to monitor your search engine credit. Google assigns a quality number to each website called Google Pagerank.
Your Pagerank number goes from 0 – being a new website or worthless website – to 10 being the absolute best. To give [...]

For Search Engine Marketing Sake, Be Interesting

When writing your website content, it’s important not only to have a lot of text but also have useful, interesting text. If you have pages and pages of boring literature, nobody will read it or want to link to it.
If your company has multiple employees or departments that specialize in various fields, you should have [...]

Search Engine Optimization and Hosting

A hosting provider is an important part of your search engine marketing. I’m reminded of a client of ours from several years ago. Their ecommerce website was ranked number 2 on the first page of Google for their main keyphrase, clearly a successful search engine optimization campaign. But, they were hosting their website with a [...]