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Archive for April, 2009

When Search Engine Optimizing, Focus on the Winners

When seeking a search engine optimization company, some businesses have unrealistic expectations. Often times, we receive requests like, “I want to be number one on everything!”
The truth is, the majority of the internet’s search traffic doesn’t come from “everywhere,” it comes from Google. A much smaller portion comes from Yahoo, and an ignorable portion comes [...]

Targeting Your Region with Search Engine Marketing

Your regional focus is an important element of your search engine marketing. At first you may want to focus on a large area that you can fully service, or a small suburban area that isolates your company from a larger market.
If your service is regional (legal, medical, financial, etc), then focus on your closest metro [...]

Search Engine Marketing - When PageRank Changes

Google PageRank is the algorithm that makes Google what it is. Your website’s PageRank number is a quality stamp from Google. A PageRank of 1 means your website is either new, not linked to by third party websites, or of minimal quality. A PageRank of 7 to 10 means you are probably a web giant [...]

Twitter Me That

(Part II of “Twitter Me This”)
Last week, we talked about the basics of Twitter. If you missed it, here is a quick recap.
Twitter combines the publicity of a blog with the simplicity of text messages. You’re rather limited with 140 characters per post. Everyone from doctors to senators to gossiping teenagers use Twitter. They use [...]