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We will write a more detailed article about Twitter in the future; but for now, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about Twitter.

1) What is Twitter? – Essentially, Twitter takes the simplicity of a short text message and combines it with the public access of a blog. So, you can update your “Twitter blog” with 140 character messages.

2) Who uses Twitter? – Everyone from teenagers, to doctors during surgeries, and U.S. Senators; sometimes during the presidential address.

3) Will it help my inbound link population? – No. Twitter uses a “nofollow” tag. If you link to your website from a Twitter post, Google will see the link, but not credit it to your domain as a link because of the “nofollow” tag.

4) Can Twitter help my business? – Yes, Twitter can help your business.

Next week, we will go into more detail about Twitter and how you can use it to help your business. Until then, feel free to connect with us at

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