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Archive for March, 2009

Twitter Me This

We will write a more detailed article about Twitter in the future; but for now, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about Twitter.
1) What is Twitter? – Essentially, Twitter takes the simplicity of a short text message and combines it with the public access of a blog. So, you can update your “Twitter blog” with 140 [...]

Convert Web Traffic by Upgrading Your Design

Some companies come to us with websites that have quality, insightful content, and pages of valuable information. However, the search engines are not ranking them favorably and the traffic they are getting does not convert to contact requests or new cases.
Often times, the problem lies in the design. Clean, professional design instills confidence in the [...]

Autoplay Videos May Turn Off Visitors

Since the technology became available to make videos quickly play on the internet, many companies have been including them on their website. The presence of a video on your website will neither help nor hurt your search engine ranking, (provided it does not replace textual content) but it may help with conversion.
However, when someone goes [...]

Knowing the Right Keyphrases for Search Engine Optimization

Many times we get new clients who are already ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines, but are not getting new business. Why is that? It’s because the search engine marketing company prior to our company did not research the keyphrases.
Being on the first page for popular keyphrases is much more [...]

Sharing Buttons Help with Search Engine Marketing

A simple search engine marketing technique to keep your visitors coming back is actually a free cut-and-paste program. Social bookmarks and favorite places allow web surfers to save the websites they have visited (like yours) in a folder to easily retrieve the websites at a later date.
With so many social networks and social bookmarking profiles [...]