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Archive for February, 2009

Joomla is NOT Search Engine Optimization Friendly

Recently we experienced a situation with one of our clients. During their first year of search engine marketing through our search engine optimization services, the client was on the first page of Google for their two highly competitive keyphrases. Then, when Google updated their systems in 2008, the website fell off the search results map.
They [...]

Search Engine Marketing is Made up of Patience and Persistence

Search engine marketing doesn’t take effect overnight and it’s a good thing it doesn’t. If your website ranking could leap to the first page overnight, then all of your competitors could also do the same and there would be no stability in search rankings.
The fact that search engine optimization is a progressive process means once [...]

Search Engine Marketing - Analyze Your Website

Two absolutes for any search engine marketing plan are statistics and website reporting. Without analyzing your website’s performance, you could be missing important information, such as traffic sources and conversion statistics.
If your website is getting a lot of traffic, then your search engine marketing and search engine optimization plan are working effectively. However, if that [...]

Search Engine Marketing - Not Tonight, I’m Blogging

When it comes to search engine marketing and search engine optimization, blogs may be the greatest invention since caffeine… oh yes, it’s that important. Blogs offer an easy interface that anyone, at any skill level, is able to add content to their website.
In addition, others who like the content can simply plug the RSS feed [...]