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Archive for January, 2009

Top Ranking Official in Your Field and Search Engines

Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, all of these work together to make sure that your website is found by your target market. But what happens if you are found, but not trusted?
It is the job of your search engine marketing specialist to not only get you to the top of the search engines, but [...]

Search Engine Marketing Targets are Easier to Hit

Search engine optimization is all about relevancy and popularity. If you have a website that covers multiple services and products, your relevance will be more difficult to achieve since there isn’t a small set of keyphrases for which your website is relevant.
The best remedy to this problem is to target the most profitable parts of [...]

Consistency Causes Consistent Search Engine Marketing Success

You know that room in your house that doesn’t have carpet? The muscle car in the garage that will never be a hotrod? Or the patch of dirt and weeds in your backyard that was supposed to be a garden?
Taking on your own search engine optimization will probably yield the same results.
By now, most people [...]

Going Cheap on Search Engine Optimization Means Going Nowhere

To stay up on the competition, I often review other search engine marketing companies to see what Adviatech is going up against. While some search engine optimization companies have plans and services that contain all the elements that make up a higher Google ranking, still lurking around are the cheap services that offer no value [...]

Patience and Hard Work Makes Search Engine Marketing Work

Perhaps the most overlooked search engine optimization technique is a little patience. The process of search engine optimization and search engine marketing is a progressive one. While Google has gotten a little better about quickly indexing your website’s changes, it’s the links that take a while to add up.
Link building is crucial to the success [...]

Let Go of the Champagne and Get Back to Blogging

It is always difficult to maintain your routine blogging throughout the holidays but now, its time to let go of the champagne and dessert and get back to blogging.
Blogging, be it on your web site, social networks, or third party providers (,, etc) is a great way to position yourself as an authority in [...]

Search Engine Marketing with Adviatech in 2009

All of us at Adviatech hope you enjoyed a happy and safe New Years. So its 2009, what are you planning on doing about your web site? Your online marketing? Your search engine marketing? Search engine marketing is going to be very important in the coming year.
Online marketing (and search engine marketing) are going to [...]