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Archive for November, 2008

Is Personalized Search Really Ending Search Engine Optimization

For those of you with a Google Account, your search results have already changed. You can move rankings, comment on sites, and shift what you are looking for. Should search engine optimization specialists be heading for the unemployment line?
Recently, Google has been working on personalizing search results. If you don’t search within a Google Account, [...]

The Bottom Link - Adding Text Links will Help Google

Many web sites use flash, java, or images for their top or side menu links. The fancy rollover effects are esthetically enhancing to the web site’s design so its no mystery why they are popular. However, Google needs plain text links to best navigate your web site.
You can keep the attractive menu at the top [...]

Search Engine Optimizing for Google’s Standards

Each week, we talk about the various elements that will make your law firm’s web site rank higher in search engines. Google having the highest standards is of course, the search engine we based our practices and policies around. But to truly understand search engine optimization requires an inside look at what Google really wants.
Search [...]

When the Web Gets Tough, It’s Time for Search Engine Optimization

The internet offers a great variety of marketing opportunities that fit into a small businesses budget. However, some of those such as pay per click, may not be suitable during tough economic conditions.
By now, most people probably are getting tired of hearing “times are tough”. A line that was overplayed by every running public official [...]

The Power of Multiple Blogs - On Site and Off

If you have a web site, you absolutely need an on site blog. Your search engine optimization company should have set one up. This keeps your web site fresh, dynamic, and search engine friendly.
But does it help to also have blogs on,, and other third party blog web sites? It turns out, yes [...]