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Archive for October, 2008

Search Engine Optimization - Time it Takes to Get to the Top

When encouraging businesses, insurance agents, insurance companies, law firms, and sole practicing attorneys to move forward with a search engine optimization project, the one question that always comes up is “how long is it going to take?”
Search engine optimization is a progressive process which means your ranking will gradually increase over time.
So here is something [...]

SEO and Information - The Two Powers Combined

One of the best ways to convert visitors into customers is by offering free information. A downloadable guide relevant to your business is like a digital business card.
Speaking from first hand experience, visitors will become customers with a company that positions themselves as an authority in their field. By writing an Ebook or guide, you [...]

Looking Your Best for Search Engine Optimization

Traffic is just one part of search engine optimization. In most cases, its not the traffic that makes SEO worth the money, it’s the new business. New business from web traffic is all about conversion.
If you walk into a store that is dirty and has disorganized shelves and an overall unpleasant environment, is it likely [...]